Gift of Life Coaching
Life is a gift........ Live each day as a thank you note!

Life Coaching and Narcissistic Abuse Support Group

I offer one on one Life Coaching with the use of NLP techniques for fast and incredibly effective transformation, enabling you to reach your full potential and enjoy the gift of life!  My passion, is to help those who have been devastated by abusive relationships to heal, and move forward with confidence into a new and exciting life filled with joy and peace, love and laughter. I coach either face to face, or use the platforms that enable distance coaching.

I facilitate the Narcissistic Abuse Support Group (NASG) that meets every third weekend in Bryanston, Johannesburg.  

The website that houses the NASG content is called COURAGE TO CHANGE and the address is

Please log on and join our group - it's absolutely free - and you will find all sorts of helpful resources should you have been subjected to narcissistic abuse.

Please contact me for a coaching session: